The Resource of Love

We need more love in this world. You and I, we need to keep adding it and also taking it in from those who are also offering it. It is a renewable resource, flowing from the infinite and eternal source of love and life that channels through us. When we are weary, we can stop and rest in it. When we are troubled or sorrowful, we can take shelter in it. When we are feeling alone and unloved, that fountain of love and life still springs forth within us if we will but turn to it. And when you feel it overflowing in times of joy and unconditional happiness, share it with whoever is around you, meet their eyes, smile on your brothers and sisters so they may know that they are recognized by and not separated from the same love that connects us all.

Shine On

We are lights. We shine. Even when we are in a bad mood or distracted or feeling hopeless…still we shine. We draw others in who are seeking what we have to offer; the love, the understanding, the compassionate heart that beats within us. We don’t have to feel beautiful to be beautiful. A candle doesn’t have to believe in itself to shine. It just does. So do you.

Sowing Seeds

We are all sowers of seeds. We cast them out every moment of our lives, with every word, thought and action. These seeds can take root in the hearts and minds of those around us. They also can grow inside of us as well. The fruit of these seeds can be sweet or bitter depending upon whether they originate from love and compassion or hate and fear. No matter how ineffective you feel you are at influencing yourself and others, you are a powerful co-creator of your reality and a contributor to the reality of others.